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李骁麟  博士, 博士生导师
福建省厦门市翔安区厦门大学翔安校区 周隆泉楼 A2-415 邮编361102

Dr. Li Xiaolin
Zhoulongquan Building A2-415 Xiamen University Xiang An Campus, Xiamen, Fujian Zip code:361102
Tel: 86-592-2181077
Email: xlli@xmu.edu.cn
个人履历 Brief CV
  2019- Professor. State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science(MEL) College of Oceanography and Earth Science Xiamen University

  2011-2019 Associate Professor. State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science(MEL) College of Oceanography and Earth Science Xiamen University

  2010-2011 Research associate at ISTC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  2009-2010 Post doctoral scientist at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station CT government

  2003-2009 Ph.D. School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences(SoMAS) State University of New York at Stony Brook

  2000-2003 Master. Environmental Science Research Center Xiamen University

  1996-2000 B.S. Oceanography Department Xiamen University

研究方向 Research Interests
  Marine Organic Geochemistry

  Environmental Organic Chemistry of Traditional and Emerging Contaminants

代表性论文 Selected Publications
  Xiaolin Li*, Kai Wu, Shuai Gu, Peng Jiang, Huifang Li, Zhanfei Liu , and Minhan Dai. Enhanced Biodegradation of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Western Boundary Kuroshio Current When Intruded to the Marginal South China Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. 2021. Vol. 126, Page e2021JC017585, 1-15.

  Xiaolin Li*, Zhanfei Liu, Wei Chen, Lei Wang, Biyan He, Kai Wu, Shuai Gu, Peng Jiang, Bangqin Huang, and Minhan Dai. Production and transformation of dissolved and particulate organic matter as indicated by amino acids in the Pearl River Estuary, China. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 2018. Vol. 123. Page 3523-3537.

  Xi Dai, Cuicui Wang, James C.W. Lam, Nobuyoshi Yamashita, Eriko Yamazaki, Yuichi Horii, Weifang Chen, Xiaolin Li*. Accumulation of quaternary ammonium compounds as emerging contaminants in sediments collected from the Pearl River Estuary, China and Tokyo Bay, Japan. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 2018, Vol. 136. Page 276-281.

  Xiaolin Li*, Anne Cooper Doherty, Bruce Brownawell, Pablo A. Lara-Martin. Distribution and diagenetic fate of synthetic surfactants and their metabolites in sewage-impacted estuarine sediments. Environmental Pollution, Part A. 2018, Vol. 242, Pages 209-218.

  Marina G. Pintado Herrera, Cuicui Wang, Jungtai Lu, Yuanpin Chang,Weifang Chen, Xiaolin Li*, Pablo A. Lara Martín.Distribution, mass inventories, and ecological risk assessment of legacy and emerging contaminants in sediments from the Pearl River Estuary in China. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2017, Vol. 323, Page 128-138.