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肖武鹏  博士

Wupeng Xiao
Associate Professor
Room A422, College of the Environment & Ecology, Xiamen University
Tel: 18959207758
Email: wpxiao@xmu.edu.cn
个人履历 Brief CV
  厦门大学 副教授,博导(2021.07–至今)

  厦门大学 博士后(2019.07–2021.07)

  厦门大学 环境科学博士(2015–2019)

  厦门大学 MEL研究助理(2013–2015)

  厦门大学 环境科学硕士(2010–2013)

  湖南大学 环境工程学士(2006–2010)

  Associate Professor, Xiamen University (2021.07–present)

  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Xiamen University (2019.07–2021.07)

  Ph.D, Environmental Science, Xiamen University (2015–2019)

  Research Assistant, State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (Xiamen University) (2013–2015)

  M.D, Environmental Science, Xiamen University (2010–2013)

  B.D, Environmental Engineering, Hunan University (2006–2010)

研究方向 Research Interests

  Marine ecology; phytoplankton community ecology; trait-based ecology; ecosystem models

代表性论文 Selected Publications
  Ma Lingqi#, Xiao Wupeng#, Laws Edward, Bai Xiaolin, Chiang Kuo-Ping, Liu Xin, Chen Jixin, Huang Bangqiin*. Responses of phytoplankton communities to the effect of internal wave-powered upwelling. Limnology and Oceanography, 2020, 66(4): 1083-1098.(2区,IF=4.745,共一)

  Xiao Wupeng, Laws Edward, Xie Yuyuan, Wang Lei, Liu Xin*, Chen Jixin, Chen Bingzhang, Huang Bangqin*. Responses of marine phytoplankton communities to environmental changes: new insights from a niche classification scheme. Water Research, 2019, 166: 105070. (1区,IF=11.236)

  Xiao Wupeng, Zeng Yang, Liu Xin*, Huang Xuguang, Chiang Kuo-Ping, Mi Tiezhu, Zhang Fang, Li Chaolun, Wei Hao, Yao Qingzhen, Huang Bangqin*. The impact of giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai blooms on plankton communities in a temperate marginal sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 149: 110507. (3区top,IF=5.553)

  Xiao Wupeng#, Liu Xin#, Irwin Andrew J, Laws Edward A, Wang Lei, Chen Bingzhang, Zeng Yang, Huang Bangqin*. Warming and eutrophication combine to restructure diatoms and dinoflagellates. Water Research, 2018, 128: 206-216. (1区,IF=11.236)

  Xiao Wupeng, Wang Lei, Laws Edward, Xie Yuyuan, Chen Jixin, Liu Xin, Chen Bingzhang, Huang Bangqin*. Realized niches explain spatial gradients in seasonal abundance of phytoplankton groups in the South China Sea. Progress in Oceanography, 2018, 162: 223-239. (2区top,IF=4.27)

  Liu Xin#, Xiao Wupeng#, Landry Michael R, Chiang Kuo-Ping, Wang Lei, Huang Bangqin*. Responses of phytoplankton communities to environmental variability in the East China Sea. Ecosystems, 2016, 19(5): 832-849. (2区,IF=4.555,共一)