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王为磊  博士
福建省厦门市翔安区翔安南路4221号周隆泉楼 A3-417, 邮编361102

Dr. Wei-Lei Wang
Rm A3-417 ZhouLongQuan Building, 4221 XiangAn Nan Road, XiangAn District, Xiamen 361102, China
Tel: 0592-2880087
Email: weilei.wang@xmu.edu.cn
个人履历 Brief CV
  美国纽约州立大学石溪分校, 博士 (2010.09-2015.05)

  美国加州大学尔湾分校, 博士后(2015.03-2020.02)

  美国加州大学尔湾分校, 助理项目科学家 (2020.03-2021.02)


  SUNY Stony Brook University, Ph.D. 2010.09-2015.05)

  University of California, Irvine, Postdoc fellow (2015.03-2020.02)

  University of California, Irvine, Assistant Project Scientist, (2020.03-2021.02)

  Xiamen University, Professor, (2021.03 - )

研究方向 Research Interests



  Large scale biogeochemistry : Use 3D inverse models to study the biogeochemical cycle of carbon and nutrients.

  Sinking particle dynamics: Use inverse methods coupled with multiple tracers to constrain particle aggregation and disaggregation rate constants, study how particle interactions will influence oceanic carbon sink.

  Biogeochemical cycle of trace gases: Use in-situ measurements and machine learning techniques to study the biogeochemical cycle of trace gases, such as DMS and CO.

代表性论文 Selected Publications
  Weiwei Fu* and Wang, Wei-Lei* Biogeochemical Equilibrium Responses to Maximal Productivity in High Nutrient Low Chlorophyll Regions. JGR-Biogeosciences, 2022, 127, e2021JG006636, https://doi.org/10.1029/2021JG006636.

  Wang, Wei-Lei*; Song, Guisheng; Primeau, François; Saltzman, Eric; Bell, Thomas G; Moore, J. Keith; Global ocean dimethyl sulfide climatology estimated from observations and an artificial neural network, Biogeosciences, 2020, 17(21): 5335-5354.

  Flombaum, Pedro; Wang, Wei-Lei; Primeau, Francois W.; Martiny, Adam C.* ; Global picophytoplankton niche partitioning predicts overall positive response to ocean warming, Nature Geoscience, 2020, 13(2): 116-120.

  Wang, Wei-Lei; Moore, J. K; Martiny, A. C; Primeau, F. W.*; Convergent estimates of marine nitrogen fixation, Nature, 2019, 566(7743): 205-211

  Wang, Wei-Lei*; Lee, Cindy; Primeau, François W.; A Bayesian statistical approach to inferring particle dynamics from in-situ pump POC and chloropigment data from the Mediterranean Sea, Marine Chemistry, 2019, 214(1036 54).

  Wang, Wei-Lei*; Lee, Cindy; Cochran, J. Kirk; Primeau, François W.; Armstrong, Robert A.; A novel statistical analysis of chloropigment fluxes to constrain particle exchange and organic matter remineralization rate constants in the Mediterranean Sea, Marine Chemistry, 2017, 192: 49-58.

  Allison R Moreno, Catherine A Garcia, Alyse A Larkin, Jenna A Lee, Wang, Wei- Lei, J Keith Moore, Francois W Primeau, and Adam C Martiny∗. Latitudinal gradient in the respiration quotient and the implications for ocean oxygen availability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(37):22866–22872, 2020.

学术任职 Affiliations/Service
  Ad hoc reviewer for Nature Communications, Scientific Reports, National Science Review, JGR-Biogeosciences, Frontiers in Marine Science, BG, GCA, CSR, DSR, ECOINF, Water Resource and Environment

  NPOCE SSC member

  SCOR China youth committee