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余凤玲  博士

Dr. Yu Fengling
Associate Professor
Zhoulongquan Building,Xiangan Campus,Xiamen University,China
Email: fengling.yu@xmu.edu.cn
个人履历 Brief CV


  厦门大学副教授 (2014 -)

  PhD, Durham University, UK (2010)

  Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2010-2014)

  Associate Professor, Xiamen University(2014 -)

研究方向 Research Interests


  Isotopic Geochemistry, Marine Geology, Application of the C isotope and microfossils in understanding land-ocean interaction processes and sedimentary processes through time and space in estuaries and coastal regions.

  Impact sea level change on coastal regions. Impact of coastal hazards, e.g. typhoon, storm and tsunami, on coastal landscape and human society.

代表性论文 Selected Publications
  1. Yu F and Switzer A, 2014, Using geology as a tool for assessing coastal risk in Asia. In “Typhoon Impacts and Crisis Management”, Eds: Danling Tang, Guangjun Sui, Springer, 539-552.

  2. Switzer A, Yu F, Gouramanis C, Soria J L A, Pham D, 2014. Integrating different records to assess coastal hazards at multi-century timescales. Journal of Coastal Research (SI). 70: 723-729. DOI:10.2112/S170-122.1.

  3. Yu F, Switzer A, Zheng Z, Wang F, Huang Z, 2013. Sedimentary records as an indicator for palaeo typhoon hazards from the Rongjiang River Delta, Chaoshan Plain, southern China. Quaternary Sciences 33(6): 1171-1182. In Chinese with English abstract.

  4. Yu F, Switzer A, Lau A, Yeung H, Chik S, Chiu H, Huang Z, Pile Jeremy Pile, 2013. A comparison of the post-storm recovery of two sandy beaches from Hong Kong Island, southern China. Quaternary International DOI:10.1016/j.quaint.2013.04.002.

  5. Strong D, Flecker R., Valdes P., Wilkinson I., Rees J., Michaelides K., Zong Y., Lloyd J., Yu F. and Pancost R., 2013. A new regional, mid-Holocene palaeoprecipitation signal of the Asian Summer Monsoon. Quaternary Science Reviews 78: 65-76.

  6. Lee Y, Yu F, Switzer A, Lau A. Terry J, Gouramanis C., 2012. Developing a historical typhoon database for the southeastern Chinese coastal provinces, 1951-2010. Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Geological & Earth Sciences: 8-12.